RVFM V-15FL111-C2 V3 Microswitch Long Lever

RVFM V-15FL111-C2 V3 Microswitch Long Lever

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A high quality, standard size microswitch with a long lever actuator.

  • V3 microswitch
  • Long lever actuator
  • 250V AC contact voltage
  • 15A contact current
  • NO-NC contact
  • Solder lug terminal
  • 1,000,000 ops operating life
  • 100gf operating force
  • 14gf release force
  • 7.6mm pre-travel
  • 2.2mm differential movement
  • 27.8mm long, 10.34mm wide, 15.9mm high
  • 7g weight
  • High quality standard size microswitch
  • Connection may be made by a 6.35mm (1/4in.) connector or by soldering
  • Compact and precise operation
  • Phenolic resin push button
  • Stainless steel lever

UL Approved.

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