TruOpto OSFY016M510 Individually Cuttable 1m LED Strip Warm White 60pcs

SKU: 76-0016


  • € 14.50
  • Ex. VAT

This 1m LED strip contain 60x super high brightness warm white LEDs on a flexible PCB with self-adhesive backing. The strip can be cut in to individual pieces or to other lengths as required. The LEDs operate directly from 12V DC and have low power consumption and high intensity, making them suitable for applications such as channel letter signs, indirect accent decor lights, large area backlighting, under counter lighting, contour lighting, etc.

  • Individual piece are 16.67mm
  • Supplied with 300mm wire for connection
  • Long life
  • Excellent beam control
  • Energy saving
  • 5mm SMD LEDs

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