4tronix Cube:Bit Base

4tronix Cube:Bit Base

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This is a great base for your Cube:Bit, allowing easy connection of power and signal and directly pluggable into a micro:Bit or Raspberry Pi Zero.

The base has been especially designed to accept all 3 sizes of Cube:Bit and provide a simple method of powering them.

Because a lot of LEDs uses a lot of power, neither the micro:bit nor the Raspberry Pi can power the Cube:Bits directly. This base plate allows you to connect the 5V power in 4 different ways:

DC Jack using a standard 2.1mm (centre positive) DC Jack you can simply plug in a 5V DC power supply
Micro USB connector. Get yourself a high power USB power supply (such as the official 2.5A Raspberry Pi power supply) and simply plug it in
Crocodile/alligator clip positions allow you to connect power and signal using croc clips - eg from a Crumble, micro:bit or similar
GVS pins allow you to take a standard 3-pin 2.54mm female cable and plug it directly in. eg from an Arduino sensor shield or directly from a 4duino Pro

There is a 40pin GPIO header that you can plug a Raspberry Pi Zero into and it will be powered from the 5V and connect on GPIO 12 (pin 18) to the neopixel array. This is the standard pin for driving neopixels on the Raspberry Pi. Note that there isn't room to fit a full-size Raspberry Pi (though with a GPIO cable you could do that as well).

There is also a micro:bit connector so you can plug your micro:bit straight in. This is powered via the 3.3V voltage regulator from the 5V so no separate power is required for the Micro:Bit. This connects on Pin 0 to the Cube:Bit pixels.

As you can see, an extremely flexible and useful addition to your Cube:Bit.
  • Connects 5V power to Cube:Bits
  • Accepts any of the Cube:Bits
  • Dimensions 89 x 89mm

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