4tronix Bit:Commander Game Pad for BBC micro:bit

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The Bit:Commander game pad is a great accessory for the BBC micro:bit. With the device you can power and experiment with the micro:bit, plus the Bit:Commander can be used to act as a remote control for another micro:bit device, such as a Bit:Bot, or act as a self-contained portable (no wires) games console.

With the Bit:Commander you get:

Battery pack (3 x AA batteries required)
Edge connector for easy connection to the BBC micro:bit
Robust On/Off switch
Blue power indicator
6x Multi-colour RGB LEDs (aka neopixels)
4x Square 12mm push buttons with coloured caps (red, yellow, green, blue)
Analog dial input with centre click detent for easy centering
Analog Joystick with X and Y movement and a push switch
Powered miniature speaker

NEW: Try out the Makecode/PXT package for Bit:Commander:
In Makecode, go to Advanced and select Add Package. Then insert this URL into the search box: https://github.com/4tronix/BitCommander.

Resources:See the 4tronix blog post for more information.

Also see Mark Atkinson's excellent site for:
Blocks programming with Bit:Commander
MicroPython programming with Bit:Commander

  • Great for gaming
  • Experiment with D/A inputs as well as speaker and neopixel outputs
  • Everything is pre-fitted, no wires, soldering or jumpers to fiddle with

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