Pimoroni PIM336 Scroll pHAT Pink 119 LED Array for Raspberry Pi

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This marvellous Scroll pHAT HD array has twice as many pixels as the original Scroll pHAT, plus it's got individual pixel brightness control! How neat!

The board packs a matrix of 17 x 7 bright pink LED pixels (that's 119!) onto a small area, giving you full PWM brightness control so you can make pretty things, such as beautiful animations or anti-aliased text. You can use the Scroll pHAT HD as a scrolling message display for tweets, weather reports, stock market prices tickertape, or use it a 17-band spectrum analyser for your audio setup. There's even enough pixels for simple games like Tetris, Pong, or snake.

There is a handy one-line installer that will install the Scroll pHAT HD Python library for you. There are also a bunch of examples too, to show off what you can do with Scroll pHAT HD.

For more information, tips, projects, and a whole lot more, visit the Pimoroni Learning Centre here.
  • Beautiful pink LEDs
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3, 2, B+, A+, Zero, and Zero W
  • 17 x 7 Matrix of bright LED pixels (119 total)
  • Individual PWM brightness control of each pixel
  • Uses the IS31FL3731 LED matrix driver chip
  • Scroll pHAT HD pinout
  • Python library
  • Female header requires soldering

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