BinaryBots Totem Spider Programmable Robot with Sensors for micro:bit

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Binary Bots

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The Totem Spider is an alien robot from the Planet Totem. The robot comes with a brand new BinaryBots sensor board and an awesome web, allowing you to easily bring the spider alive with code. You'll be able to build your very own robot, setup the powerful motorised web, hook up the sensor board, and bring it all to life with a BBC micro:bit (not included).

The Totem Sensor Board brings your robot to life, making it respond with real instincts - use the unique capacitive touch sensor strips to poke your robot to make it angry and stroke it to calm it down. Code responses according to real world actions. The awesome patent pending invention Totem Mechanics allow for some incredible innovations - strong, easy to use and adaptable from simple to very complex structures. Four addressable multi colour LEDs, light sensor and buzzer and a vibramotor for haptic feedback mean that your possibilities are practically endless. It is easy to expand the structure – beams or boards are easily attached using wide range of brackets, that make 45 or 90 corners to any direction. 
  • Makes sturdy structures
  • Tailor made for combining electronics and mechanics
  • Includes the powerful BinaryBots sensor board
  • Included screwdriver with super strong magnetic grip
  • Nuts stay in structure and don't fall out before fastening
  • Extra grab bags allow for any innovation

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