Pimoroni PIM258 Raspberry Pi Zero W Pibow Case

SKU: 75-0789


  • € 6.50
  • Ex. VAT

If you have a Raspberry Pi Zero W, you'll want it looking after - so use the stylish Pibow Zero W case. The case is laser cut from the best lightweight, high-quality cast Sheffield acrylic, and consists of four layers - including a transparent top and base so you can still see your Pi inside, and a design that leaves the primary ports and GPIO accessible.

No tools are required for assembly or disassembly so check out the tutorial for details on how to get the Pi in the case.

Note that this is the case for the Raspberry Pi Zero W only. This case is not compatible with the Pi Zero v1.2/1.3, or any other models of Raspberry Pi. For other cases please see our website.

  • Raspberry Pi not included
  • Beautiful berry colours - red, purple, and blue
  • Super-slimline profile
  • Fully HAT/pHAT compatible
  • Great for hacking and tinkering!
  • Ideal for mounting to any surface

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