Pimoroni PIM260 Raspberry Pi Zero W Scroll Bot Project Kit

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Have a robot friend sitting on your desk - Scroll Bot can be your eyes on the world! Use the built-in wireless LAN to make your Scroll Bot internet-connected and be kept up to date with the latest news, weather, Twitter feeds, hashtags, and a whole lot more.

The kit features the Raspberry Pi Zero W that adds wireless LAN and Bluetooth to the brilliant Pi Zero. Practically everything required is included (requires a microSD card - not supplied) and the kit takes about 30 minutes to assemble (check out the assembly guide here).

The kit combines the Pi Zero W with the swish Scroll pHAT HD board, a dense matrix of 17 x 7 bright white LEDs, with each pixel capable of having its brightness individually controlled, meaning that it's possible to create stunning animations or even anti-aliased text. The LED matrix sits behind Scroll Bot's mouth, and the frosted orange acrylic diffuses the LEDs beautifully.

Our handy one-line installer will install the Scroll pHAT HD Python library for you. We've included a bunch of examples too, to show off what you can do with Scroll pHAT HD.

Note that the default orientation for Scroll pHAT HD is upside-down if you're using it in a Scroll Bot. To flip it, simply add scrollphathd.rotate(180) towards the top of your code, just below the import lines.

For more information, tips, projects, and a whole lot more, visit the Pimoroni Learning Centre here.

Kit contents (also requires microSD card - not supplied)
Raspberry Pi Zero W
Scroll pHAT HD with 17 x 7 individually dimmable white LEDs
Male and female 2 x 20 pin headers
Orange robot stand and diffuser
50cm USB A to micro-B cable
USB A (female) to micro B (male) adaptor
Mini to full-size HDMI adaptor
Sticker sheet (personalise your Scroll Bot!)
Comes in a reusable kit box

  • Masquerades as a friendly orange robot
  • Take around 30 minutes to assemble (female and male headers require soldering)
  • Individual PWM brightness control of each pixel
  • Uses the IS31FL3731 LED matrix driver chip
  • 3-Layer orange robot stand and diffuser
  • Pi Zero W with single core CPU and built-in wireless LAN and Bluetooth
  • Adaptor kit
  • 50cm USB A to micro-B cable
  • Handy 1-line installer installs the Unicorn pHAT Python library

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