Makeblock 13030 2.4GHz Wireless Serial Module for RF mBot (75-0701)

Makeblock 13030 2.4GHz Wireless Serial Module for RF mBot (75-0701)

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A 2.4GHz wireless serial module that is designed for use with the RF mBot (75-0701). Ideal for use in the classroom or workshop where a lot of people are using wireless communication simultaneously.

There are two parts, a wireless dongle that you plug into your computer, and a wireless module that you plug into your mCore - you can then easily establish a wireless link between the software mBlock and the mBot. The module uses the same technology as a wireless mouse, using auto pairing and automatic driver installation to get you up and running quickly. The great advantage of the module is that there is no signal interference when many wireless modules are operating simultaneously.

For the user guide, please see the following video:

  • Allows auto pairing
  • USB Dongle support 32/64 bit Windows and Mac OS
  • Driver installed automatically
  • No signal interference
  • Default Baud rate 115,200
  • Communication distance 10 meters
  • Power supply 5V DC
  • Dimensions 30 x 20 x 14mm

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