Makeblock 98050 mBot Six Legged Add on Pack for mBot Robots

SKU: 75-0705


  • € 31.50
  • Ex. VAT

The mBot 6-legged add-on kit from Makeblock lets you turn your wheeled mBot into a 6-legged crawler. Once you've mastered the challenge of building and programming your mBot and you want a new adventure it's time to try a robot that crawls. Use the parts from the mBot kit and learn about levers and linkages while building a creepy crawly beetle. And that's not all, the kit also makes a mantis and a frog.

Supplied with 12 x straight beams, 2 x angled beams and a spanner, plus all the necessary screws, nuts, spacers and rivets.

This kit requires either an mBot Bluetooth (75-0702) or an mBot 2.4GHz (75-0701), sold separately.

  • Transform your mBot into 3 x different robots
  • All the parts you need are supplied in the kit

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