Makeblock 90058 mBot V1.1 Blue 2.4GHz RF Enabled STEM Robot Kit

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The mBot with 2.4GHz from Makeblock is the perfect introduction to robotics for STEM or personal use. It is based around the mCore programmable module with Arduino UNO compatibility which brings with it excellent online educational and tutorial resources. The mCore has a wide range of programming options from novice to expert using free Open Source tools including mBlock, a graphical Scratch-like programming tool, all the way up to C/C++ using the Arduino development tools. You will be able to use the kit's range of sensors including an ultrasonic range finder, LED line follower, and light sensor. It also has a buzzer and an RGB LED so your creation can flash and bleep messages to you. Finally, there's an infrared receiver and transmitter that you can use to control the bot using the remote control included in the kit (requires 1 x CR2025 coin cell, not supplied). The infrared can even be used to talk between mBots if you are feeling ambitious.

To compliment the electronics, the mBot kit contains all the parts you'll need to build your first bot, down to the last screw. The major parts are made from beautiful anodised aluminium giving your robot a professional, hi-tech look. Using the simple, step by step instructions and tools provided, the kit should be ready for programming in less than 20 minutes.

Programming your new gadget is where the adventure really begins. Jump into programming using the free mBlock software on your Windows or Mac PC and the supplied USB cable. When you start to feel more confident you can program the Arduino compatible mCore using the Arduino IDE in C/C++. There's a pair of 2.4GHz modules included with the kit that are used to form a wireless USB link between your PC, Mac or laptop and the mBot allowing you to program the robot as long as it's within 10m.

New to mBlock/Scratch? mBlock is a graphical programming system based on Scratch where you drag and drop functional blocks from a palette onto a work area to create a program. Each shape has a different function and they snap together in logical ways, some even have slots to drop in other blocks. For example, a block might order the robot to run forward at speed 50 where the direction and speed are chosen from simple drop down menus. This drag and drop interface allows quite young children to get creative with the mBot yet is capable of programming complex behaviours.


Supplied with a printed instruction sheet, printed line-follower track, the mBot Arduino compatible controller, 2 x DC motors, a pair of 2.4GHz modules, Me Line Follower module and cable, Me Ultrasonic sensor, chassis, wheels and all screws, screwdriver, USB cable, battery holder (requires 4 x AA batteries, not supplied) and an infrared remote control (requires 1 x CR2025 coin cell, not supplied). The 2mm thick aluminium chassis is attractive and strong, but better still it is compatible with Lego Technic parts. Whether you have one mBot or an army there's plenty of opportunities to problem solve and learn new skills.

  • Simple to build and program
  • Range of free programming tools from beginner to advanced
  • Ideal for STEM applications
  • Wireless programming via 2.4GHz USB link
  • Complete kit, just add batteries
  • Dimensions 170 x 90 x 90mm assembled
  • Weighs 340g

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