4tronix RPI-STOP Educational Traffic Light for Raspberry Pi

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The Pi-Stop is an educational traffic light project for Raspberry Pi. The low cost hardware module is designed to allow you to use your Raspberry Pi to take the first steps into interfacing with the real world. You'll be on the first rung of the Internet of Things ladder as soon as the lights change to green. The brilliant thing about the Pi-Stop is the familiarity of the elements, everyone knows what they are and how they can be used.

The beauty of this kit is that it removes the uncertainty that people face when asked to use hardware with a Raspberry Pi, what components to use, how to connect them, etc. The Pi-Stop makes it easy by plugging directly onto pre-set positions on the Raspberry GPIO connector. This removes the need for bundles of extra cables or wires and because the Pi-Stop does not block unused GPIO pins, keeping them available for other uses. The Pi-Stop can be fitted in four standard locations, allowing up to four Pi-Stops to be controlled independently or combined with other hardware.

The Pi-Stop provides a flexible and non-restrictive way to building understanding through experimentation, providing a simple stepping stone between pure screen-based programming and actually using hardware to interact with the real world. The programming of hardware can first be introduced to students and, at a later stage, the electronics can be introduced - allowing students to understand the control of hardware and then to be able to construct and control their own circuits.

Documentation, guides, tutorials and workshop material are openly available for educational use, and it is encouraged that similar materials can be submitted back for others also to share and make use of.

Pi-Stop resources:

Discover: The Pi-Stop: Learn what the Pi-Stop is and how to use it
Setup: Scratch GPIO: Get up and running with Scratch GPIO ready to use with the Pi-Stop
Explore and Challenge Scratch GPIO: Pi-Stop First Steps: If you've not used Scratch before, this will provide a quick introduction to building your first Scratch GPIO program
Explore and Challenge Scratch GPIO: Pi-Stop Traffic Sequence
Explore and Challenge Scratch GPIO: Pi-Stop Traffic Sequence - Create your own traffic light sequence and learn how to use Scratch GPIO with the Pi-Stop
Explore and Challenge Scratch GPIO: Pi-Stop Reaction Game - How fast are your reflexes? Test your reaction time with the Pi-Stop Reaction game
Explore and Challenge Scratch GPIO: Pi-Stop Simon Memory Game - Challenge your memory and get the highest score!

For further resources please see here.

  • Real world hardware makes understanding easier
  • Low cost
  • Designed for teaching both programming and hardware
  • Fully supported with many resources

Note: Raspberry Pi not included.

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