4tronix Picon Zero Intelligent Robotic Controller for Raspberry Pi Zero

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The Picon Zero is an intelligent robotics controller designed for your Raspberry Pi Zero. It supports all models of Raspberry Pi with a 40-pin connector (Zero, Model A+/B+ and Pi 2 or 3 Model B). The built-in processor handles all the direct communication with your input and output devices, leaving you to worry about the overall control with your Raspberry Pi program. Programming the board is fully supported with an extensive Python library.

The Picon Zero is supplied fully assembled with no soldering or gluing required, and has many features that make it ideal for using as part of a Raspberry Pi-based mobile robot, including:

I2C interface, leaving GPIO pins free for other things
2x Full H-Bridge motor drivers with full forward/reverse and speed control. Up to 1.5A continuous per channel (2A peak)
6x General purpose output channels (5V) that can be set as: Digital, PWM, Servo, WS2812 (aka neopixels)
4x General purpose inputs (5V) that can be Digital, Analog, DS18B20 (digital temperature sensor)
All inputs and outputs use 3-pin GVS connectors (Ground, Volts, Signal) - allowing 3-pin sensors, servos, etc. to plug straight in
Dedicated socket for HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor (see 75-0146). Plug it straight in, or use jumper wires to mount it further away
5x GPIO signals, 5V, 3V and Ground brought out to a header
Power for outputs can be from Raspberry Pi's 5V or from an external USB input line
Power for motors can be from internal/external 5V, or from a separate power source (3V to 11V)
Both motor terminals have 2-pin screw connectors AND 2-pin male headers to allow maximum flexibility in connecting

See the Blog entry here for more information, software and examples.

  • Supplied fully assembled
  • Perfect with Pi
  • Python library module for super-easy use

Note: Raspberry Pi not included.Note: Batteries not included.

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