4tronix Neopixel Santa Claus for Base:Bit Music box

SKU: 75-0150


  • € 8.95
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You may only see him once a year, but he's always welcome. The Neopixel Santa Claus for Music Box Base:Bit is designed to plug into one of the two positions on the Music Box Base (75-0149), and has 10 Neopixels all about him that are all RGB and can be individually programmed. As examples of coding exercises why not try:

Flashing each pixel with random colours
Sweep a single colour from bottom to top
Make the LEDs on his belt and hat flash alternately
Make Santa walk by changing the colours on his legs

  • See blog for more information and coding examples
  • Neopixel Santa is protected from incorrect insertion
  • Great for learning how to code simple patterns of light

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