4tronix Bit:2:Pi BBC micro:bit Raspberry Pi HAT Adapter (Assembled)

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The Bit:2:Pi adaptor allows the BBC micro:bit to connect to, and re-use all those hundreds of Raspberry Pi add on boards and HATs.

Simply plug your micro:bit into the edge connector and the required Raspberry Pi Hat onto the GPIO connector, then program your micro:bit to control the new board. Most Raspberry Pi boards are very simple to program as they are controlled by simple On/Off signals on the GPIO connector which are easily copied in the micro:bit. We have also used Neopixel hats (eg. Unicorn from Pimoroni) with great success and are happily communicating via I2C as well.

Selecting which micro:bit pin is connected to which GPIO pin, is via a set of configurable jumpers. There is a default set of connections that works for the most common boards, including I2C and SPI connections, but it is a simple matter to unplug a jumper or two, and replace it with a longer wire jumper (4 included) to connect your preferred pins.

Of course, the original code for the Raspberry Pi won't run directly on the micro:bit but with support from our community we will get more and more boards working and with example micro:bit code.

Current boards tested are:
4tronix: PlayHat, Picon Zero, PiStop, motor controllers
Pimoroni: Pibrella, Unicorn pHat/HAT. Explorer, Enviro pHat

Power is supplied to the board and the micro:bit via the micro-USB connector on the side, but there is also an option to add a battery holder (not supplied) to allow completely wire-free operation.

  • Fully assembled and ready to go

Note: BBC micro:bit is not included.

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