4tronix Soldered Ultrasonic Sensor for Bit:Bot

SKU: 75-0119


  • € 6.50
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These ultrasonic distance sensors bring more functionality to your Bit:Bot. The sensor is ready-soldered, just attach to your Bit:Bot with the screws provided and off you go. When fitted you just use Microsoft PXT (or MicroPython with some awkward code) to read the distance to an obstacle, then program your Bit:Bot to avoid it. Both Ping and Echo signals are on the same pin (Pin 15).

This version has the sensor soldered directly to the PCB. This is the more stable and robust method, but you will need a right-angled USB download cable to download a program with the sensor in situ.

  • Introduce obstacle avoidance to your Bit:Bot
  • Easy to fit
  • Available as fixed or removable versions

Note: Bit:Bot not included.

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