Arduino 4 Relay Shield A000110

Arduino 4 Relay Shield A000110

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The Arduino 4 Relays shield is designed as a solution for driving those high power loads that cannot be driven by Arduino's digital IOs due to current and voltage limits. The shield features 4x relays, with each relay providing 2 pole changeover contacts (NO and NC). The 2 changeover contacts have been put in parallel in order to increase output current limits.

The relays are controlled by the following Arduino board pins:

Relay 1 = Arduino pin 4
Relay 2 = Arduino pin 7
Relay 3 = Arduino pin 8
Relay 4 = Arduino pin12

The Eagle files can be downloaded here.

The schematic can be downloaded here.

  • Compatible with all Arduino boards, 5V and 3.3V
  • 4x Status LEDs
  • Power provided by base board
  • Operating voltage 5V
  • Maximum switching capacity 60W
  • 6x TinkerKit IO interfaces

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