Pimoroni COM2800 ESP8266 SMT Module Breakout Board - ESP-12

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If you want to add Internet to your projects then net yourself the ESP8266 WiFi microcontroller. This cute little MCU is an 80MHz microcontroller that features a full Wi-Fi front-end (both as a client and access point) and a TCP/IP stack with DNS support.

Included on the MCU is a 4MB flash chip, ESP processor and onboard antenna. These come pre-programmed with the NodeMCU Lua firmware, so you're almost ready to go, you'll just need some extra bits and bobs - just check out the HUZZAH schematic for the extra components Adafruit recommend.

A huge amount of information, news, software and gossip can be found on the community forum. Also check here for examples and documentation on the Lua framework. There is also Arduino IDE support for ESP8266 that can be found here.
  • These modules are very easy to hand solder, with big pads!
  • 4MB Flash
  • Dimensions 24 x16 x 3mm
  • Weight 2g
  • Recommended for advanced users only

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