Arduino ABX00023 MKR1010 WiFi Enabled IoT Board ESP32

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The Arduino MKR Wi-Fi 1010 board is the best way of adding Wi-Fi to your IoT-based prototyping projects.

This is the newest version of the board, adding an ESP32 Wi-Fi module from U-BLOX. The board easily connects to other Arduino hardware and is configurable using Arduino software, without the need for you to be a network expert.

The board is composed of three main blocks:
SAMD21 Cortex-M0+ 32bit Low Power ARM MCU
U-BLOX NINA-W10 Series Low Power 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
ECC508 Crypto Authentication

The performance and features make this board the preferred choice for the emerging IoT battery-powered projects in a compact form.

For more handy information please see the Getting Started page.

  • Board runs at 3.3V only
  • Speeds up and simplifies the prototyping of WiFi based IoT applications
  • Low power consumption
  • 32-bit Computational power
  • Rich set of I/O interfaces
  • Low power Wi-Fi with a Cryptochip for secure communication using SHA-256 encryption
  • Ease of use Arduino Software (IDE) for code development and programming

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