Arduino ABX00011 MKR1000 WiFi Enabled IoT Board 3.3V

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The Arduino MKR1000 is a compact and powerful development board that combines the functionality and performance of the Arduino Zero board with an excellent Wi-Fi shield. It is an ideal project board for those with little or no experience with networking wanting to design IoT projects involving Wi-Fi.

The heart of the board is the Atmel ATSAMW25 SoC, part of the SmartConnect family - specifically designed for IoT projects and devices. The ATSAMW25 is composed of three main blocks:

SAMD21 Cortex-M0+ 32bit low power ARM MCU
WINC1500 low power 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
ECC508 CryptoAuthentication

The ATSAMW25 also includes a single 1x1 stream PCB Antenna.

The board is powered by either LiPo battery or external 5V, with the board automatically switching from one to the other. A LiPo charging circuit enable charging of the LiPo battery whilst running on external 5V power.

With features such as a rich set on I/O interfaces, low power consumption, Wi-Fi with Cryptochip for secure communication, together with the ease of use of the Arduino IDE, this board is the ideal choice for the development of IoT battery-powered Wi-Fi projects in a compact form factor.

For details on getting started, please visit here.
  • External 5V supply via USB port
  • Runs with or without the LiPo battery connected
  • Limited power consumption
  • Supports certificate SHA-256
  • 32 bit ARM technology
  • 3.3V Operating voltage
  • Microusb connector

Caution: The MKR1000 runs at 3.3V. The maximum voltage that the I/O pins can tolerate is 3.3V. Applying voltages higher than 3.3V to any I/O pin could damage the board.

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