RK Education 4 Siren Sound and Flashing Lights Generator Kit

SKU: 70-9116

RK Education

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A kit of parts to build a 4 siren sound and flashing lights generator ideal for building into models.

  • Uses a UM3561 Sound IC
  • High quality speaker
  • 4 different emergency siren sounds, selected using a jumper
  • Perfect for emergency vehicles
  • Sound can be adjusted with a potentiometer
  • PCB has space for up to 8 LEDs (available separately)
  • LEDs flash
  • LEDs can be turned off
  • Frequency of flashing can be varied
  • Ideal for using RC vehicles, cars, trucks, lorries etc
  • Available as a kit or as a blank PCB
  • Professional double sided PCB

Click here for components list and instructions.

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