VEX V5 Vision Sensor

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See things from your robot's perspective with the VEX Vision Sensor. Connect a phone or tablet to the V5 Robot Brain through the built-in WiFi to stream a live feed of your robot's view to your device. The sensor is capable of detecting up to 7 colours at once, including multi-coloured objects.

The Vision Sensor provides your robot with new capabilities and allows expanded learning. It uses a dual ARM M4/M0 processor for object detection at 50Hz. At its most basic mode it tells you where a coloured object is located. The location's X value gives you the position right and left. When the camera is tilted down, the Y value gives you the distance to the object, with a little basic trigonometry on your part.

  • Other features include:
  • Tracks up to 7 individual colours at once
  • Analyze objects for advanced tracking and path planning
  • Built-in Wi-Fi radio
  • Compatible with VEX IQ
  • VEX type 276-4850

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