VEX IQ Classroom Bundle

VEX IQ Classroom Bundle

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This VEX IQ Classroom Bundle is designed to support classroom learning by providing enough equipment to support a group of 30 students working in groups of two.

Each pair will have a VEX IQ Super Kit, 70-7891?containing a VEX IQ Brain, Controller, 4 motors, 7 sensors and 850 structural parts as well as all batteries, chargers and download cables. Each kit is supplied in a stackable storage bin for easy storage at the end of each lesson.

The kits can be used in conjunction with the VEX IQ Curriculum which can be downloaded free from?

The kit is supplied with 36 Highrise Cubes for use in your own classroom competitions and a full VEX IQ Challenge field which can be built or packed away in minutes.

  • Use the free graphical Modkit software to program your robots
  • Classroom Curriculum available to download from?
  • Kits can also be used to enter the national VEX IQ Challenge
  • All kits include batteries, chargers and storage boxes for every robot

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