VEX IQ Super Kit

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The Super Kit is an all encompassing introduction to STEM and robotics. VEX IQ robots can be immediately driven using the hand held VEX Controller and built-in programs. VEX IQ sensors, including a colour sensor, gyroscope and potentiometer allow for advanced robots and teaching opportunities. Robots can be programmed via a computer and Modkit graphical programming software, Robot Mesh Python or ROBOTC.

The included Smart Motors and full range of sensors provide significant learning opportunities. All VEX IQ Starter Kits come with FREE programming software included. Modkit will be familiar to users of Scratch and it can now be installed as a standalone application or as an iPad app on as many machines as you like.

For more advanced users, ROBOTC is a feature-rich environment with both graphical and text interfaces which means your robot designs are never constrained by the capabilities of the programming language.
The number of installations is unlimited, so it can be installed across your site as well as giving students the capability to install and use the software at home.

Download VEX IQ Clawbot assembly instructions here

Contact to access the free software

  • Over 850 structural and motion components
  • 4x Smart motors
  • 7x Sensors (2x Touch LEDs, colour sensor, distance sensor, gyro sensor, 2x bumper switches)
  • Robot brain, controller, batteries, chargers and cables included
  • Storage bin and tray included for organised storage of all parts

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