VEX Chassis Kit Small 15x16

SKU: 70-6288


  • € 17.95
  • Ex. VAT

This 15 x 6 chassis uses a design similar to the ProtoBot chassis, including (2) bumpers and (4) rails. The flexibility and variety of design options makes these chassis great for any robot project.

  • Chassis Kit Small 15x16
  • The rails and angles are also available individually
  • 100% VEX Robotics compatible
  • Hardware not included
  • Variable chassis width by mounting the rails inward
  • Space between rails for protected chain or gear reduction
  • Extra "fifth hole" in the centre of four holes adds additional flexibility
  • Wheels may be mounted outboard or between the rails
  • Bumpers may be mounted up-side-down for more flexible designs

*Note: Chassis sizes are listed by number of VEX holes, (i.e. a 15 x 25 chassis is 15 holes wide x 25 holes long).

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