RK Education 555 timer Astable Project - with Drive Circuit

RK Education 555 timer Astable Project - with Drive Circuit

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RK Education

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This project has been designed to introduce the important concept of astable timers and pulse-width modulation using a 555 timer astable circuit.

This 'With Drive Circuit' version contains a basic set of components and the PCB, plus additional components to add a drive circuit. The drive circuit allows the project to control larger loads, e.g. a motor. Please see the Technical Details tab for more information.

Comprehensive teacher notes are available here.

This circuit is very important as it features heavily in KS4 curriculums. The range of projects has been designed to have more than one possible outcome and therefore more than one application.

  • Frequency can be varied by adjusting the two variable resistors
  • Battery-powered
  • Clear silkscreen text has been used to make construction simpler
  • Professional double-sided PCB pre-drilled with silkscreen and solder-resist
  • Empty PCBs are available separately, order code 70-9036
  • Suitable for Key Stages 2, 3 & 4 (ages 11 to 16)

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