Airgineers FPV Micro-Drone Squadron Set

Airgineers FPV Micro-Drone Squadron Set

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The Squadron Kit contains all the parts needed to build a Squadron of four Airgineers Micro Class Drones, allowing you to design, build and practice flying with four FPV Micro Drones in the air at the same time.

In the Airgineers competition, some matches will involve Squadrons of four Drones working together as a team ? these sets are a great way to prepare for these events.

The only thing these kits do not include is a chassis which you will need to design and manufacture yourself. An example chassis for 3D printing is available from

  • Kit includes:
  • 4x FlySky FS-i6S transmitters
  • 4x set of 4 propellers
  • 4x set of 4 motors
  • 4x flight controllers
  • 4x FPV camera and video transmitters
  • 15x batteries and suitable chargers
  • 4x VR-007pro FPV goggles
  • For assembly information see

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