TruOpto OSW0T453-W Addressable RGBW LED Strip 1m 30pcs 5V

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This 1m LED strip contains 30x full colour RGBW LEDs that are fully addressable - each pixel being individually controllable. When suitably driven (ideal for Arduino) you can achieve some stunning effects such as running water, chasing and scanning, etc.

The LED components feature constant current operation with built-in data shaping, power-on reset and integrated 256 level grey scale adjustment.

It should be noted that when all the LEDs are fully powered the strips can draw a lot of current, so details such as cabling and supply parameters should be assessed according to need prior to installation design.

To download the Adafruit Neopixel library click here.

See here for an excellent article on powering NeoPixels.
  • Full colour RGBW LEDs
  • High brightness
  • Ideal for decorative lighting
  • 1m Lengths are linkable up to 5m
  • Working voltage 5V DC
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Long life

Note: It is recommended that a large capacitor (1000µF, 6.3V or higher) is added across the + and ? terminals. Also place a 300 to 500Ω resistor between the data output pin and the input to the strip.

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