TruOpto 5m Addressable RGB LED Strip WS2812B 60pcs per Meter

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This LED strip contains data addressable full colour RGB LEDs. Using an SBC or development board with a suitable LED driver it is possible to build a simple and scalable light project that can achieve stunning effects, such as chasing, scanning and running water effects.

When choosing an SBC or development board it should be noted that the input data line has very specific timing requirements. The LED strip requires the use of a real-time microcontroller such as an AVR, Arduino, or PIC type device. Linux based single board computers such as the Raspberry Pi will not work without additional RTC hardware.

Each of the LEDs contains an integrated WS2812B constant current driver that can achieve 256 levels of brightness and up to 16.7m colours. The LEDs require an external power supply, with each LED using 60mA if the red, green and blue components are all on maximum brightness.

As a way to quickly get up and running, Adafruit have a very handy library that can be used (Adafruit call them NeoPixels, but they share the same WS2812B driver ICs).

  • 60 LEDs per metre
  • 5m strips
  • Control each colour separately
  • High brightness
  • Suitable for a wide range of commercial and artistic applications
  • Terminated by 200mm of AWG22 cables
  • Adhesive strip backing
  • 5V Data signal required, to use 3.3V a logic level shifter is required

Note: It is recommended that a large capacitor (1000µF, 6.3V or higher) is added across the + and ? terminals. Also place a 300 to 500Ω resistor between the data output pin and the input to the strip.

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