Voltcraft BT-3 Digital Lead Acid Battery Tester

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The Voltcraft BT-3 12V digital lead acid battery tester is ideal for quickly and simply measuring the remaining power in 12V vehicle and solar batteries.

This battery tester loads the battery at high current and measures the battery voltage under load. Batteries in poor condition will drop when measured under load, and can thus be identified within seconds. The whole test process is automatic, i.e. you simply start the test process and the battery tester shows the measurement result on the digital display after approx. 10 seconds.

This prevents overloading of the battery due to excessive testing times. For accurate analysis, the cold start current value of the battery can be adjusted. As an extra function, the generator and the starter can be checked. This portable tester is an indispensable tool for workshops, solar power systems, camping and many other applications.

  • For 12V Batteries from 30Ah
  • Automatic test run/set up

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