RVFM 1:120 Inline Motor and Gearbox

RVFM 1:120 Inline Motor and Gearbox

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This economy motorised gearbox is fitted with a 3 to 12V DC motor. The output shaft is 5.5mm diameter and 9mm long with 2 flats. Ratios of 1:120 give final speeds of between 70-140rpm depending on voltage used.

  • Smooth running
  • 3x mounting holes
  • Ideal for small educational projects including fairgrounds and robots
  • No load current: 70 ? 130mA
  • Under load at 6.0V: Motor output turning power is 1.8kgf.cm
  • Dimensions 7(L) x 2(W) excluding shaft x 2(W)cm
  • Weight: 30g

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