Dremel 3D45 Deal F0133D45JA Printer + Free Green, Blue, Red & White PLA Filament

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Cooney Exclusive Bundle Deal:
FREE Green, Blue, Red & White PLA Filament

The Dremel 3D45 Digilab 3D printer provides the flexibility and reliability needed to meet the demands of higher education, Maker-spaces and industrial applications that benefit from advanced FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) 3D printing.

Whether you are making prototypes for biomedical devices or simply producing works of art, the Dremel 3D45 quickly and accurately produces printed models in a safe, easy to use package.

The Dremel 3D45 printer has an improved extruder that minimises distractions and downtime. The extruder is designed to fit all Dremel filament materials without the need of changing any parts before operation.

Changing from one material type to another is simplified by the printer's integrated RFID recognition technology. It automatically adjusts the printer settings to suit the filament type being used and eliminates the need to re-slice files for each type of filament.

With the 3D45's integrated camera, users can monitor the progress of their printing project. For example, teachers can track the three-dimensional printing in real time with their students by accessing the camera's IP address. Using the WLAN function, users can also start their prints remotely.

Curriculum notes are available from Rapid. For details contact our education team at education@rapidonline.com

  • Fully enclosed chamber for minimum noise
  • HD camera for remote monitoring
  • Easy filament set-up using RFID recognition
  • Heated bed and cooling fan prevents warping
  • Easy setup and print control via full-colour touch-screen
  • Integrated filter systems for dust and fumes
  • 50 micron build resolution
  • Fast and accurate calibration with semi-automatic levelling
  • Start printing via USB, WiFi or Ethernet
  • 1 year Dremel warranty
  • Supplied complete with a 500g reel of black ECO-ABS filament, a 500g reel of black Nylon filament, 3x build tapes, power and USB cables, USB flash drive, un-clogging tool, glue stick, removing tool and instruction manual
  • PLUS FREE Green, Blue, Red & White PLA Filament
  • Dremel type 3D45 Digilab

Click here for a range of suitable filaments.

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