Ansmann 1001-0054-UK AC/DC USB CHARGER 8.0A 5 x USB Port

Ansmann 1001-0054-UK AC/DC USB CHARGER 8.0A 5 x USB Port

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An intelligent, feature-packed USB hub with five output ports. The charger has a maximum output of 8A and each individual port can provide a maximum of 2400mA. The performance and convenience of this device make it ideal for those with multiple USB devices that all need charging at once. Great for households, offices, workshops, laboratories, classrooms, etc.

Smart IC technology controls the charging outputs and ensures the highest charging current possible is delivered to devices. Smart IC also provides protection against overload and short-circuit. The switch-mode design of this hub allows it to be used worldwide, no matter what mains voltage and frequency is needed. Includes European mains lead fitted with UK adaptor plug.
  • Fast and safe charging of devices
  • Suitable for most USB devices
  • Protects your device as well as the charger from overload and short circuit
  • Automatic control of output voltage and current
  • Ideal for the whole family
  • Automatically detects and uses the highest possible charging current
  • Universal input

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