Genie Audio 14 Kit

Genie Audio 14 Kit

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The GENIE 14 Audio Kit is a project kit that enables the playing of 16-channel MIDI and realistic sound effects through the kits' 50mm loudspeaker. The kit consists of a PCB on to which the components are soldered. All required components, including a 14-pin microcontroller are supplied and the kit is easily assembled by anyone with soldering skills.

To showcase the GENIE 14 Audio Kit it is possible to produce two signature projects: the GENIE Cuddly Creatures and the GENIE Rock Star.The audio PCB and 50mm loudspeaker are also available for purchase separately.

  • Uses a GENIE 14 version 2 microcontroller
  • Digital push switch input
  • Light sensor input
  • Two LED outputs
  • 50mm Loudspeaker output
  • Two spare low-power outputs

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