Genie 14 Microcontroller Version 2

Genie 14 Microcontroller Version 2

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This new version 2 GENIE 14 microcontroller has been designed as a direct replacement for the older version 1 GENIE C14 device. The version 2 MCU is faster and more powerful and can store larger flowchart or BASIC programs.

GENIE is a low-cost microcontroller programming system designed exclusively for schools and colleges. The free, user-friendly flowchart software allows you to add intelligence and control to your new and existing design projects. No separate programmer is required and downloading is via a USB or serial cable.It is possible to run multiple programs at the same time on a single chip and also to run and test programs live on a connected GENIE chip.

The chip is designed to work with either the Circuit Wizard 3 software or the GENIE flowchart programming software for Microsoft Windows? and there are free online resources and community website at

  • Developed by the authors of Livewire, PCB Wizard and Circuit Wizard
  • Free, user-friendly GENIE flowchart programming software
  • 32 MHz 'turbo' speed mode
  • 1-Wire, I2C and servo support
  • On-screen monitoring and calibration of digital and analogue signals
  • Plug & play operation automatically detects a GENIE IC when it is connected
  • Also available is a plug & play USB download cable, which eliminates COM port problems

Note: In order to program these version 2 GENIE microcontrollers, either Circuit Wizard 3 or the free GENIE Programming Editor software is required.

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