Genie 08 Project PCB

Genie 08 Project PCB

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The GENIE 08 Project PCB is the bare PCB from the GENIE 08 Project kit, which is a handy way of adding intelligence to other projects or to learn about the different types of inputs and outputs the GENIE08 can handle. It has space for 1 x LED connected to the G0 line plus 1 x low-power output (25mA), 1 x medium power output (100mA), 1 x digital input and 1 x analogue or digital input. Once you have gathered the parts and assembled the board, use the GENIE Flowchart programming system to create programmes which you can download to your project and test.


Supplied as a bare board only, the parts list and instructions are in the PDF on this page. Once assembled, connect it to a PC running the GENIE software and start coding.

  • Free, user-friendly GENIE Flowchart programming software
  • Learn soldering, coding and debugging

A programming download cable is also required, choose from a serial cable (13-0847) or a USB cable (13-6023).

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