Genie PCB220 20 Project Kit

Genie PCB220 20 Project Kit

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The GENIE C20 microcontroller is at the heart of this project board. Features eight inputs, including provision for connection of an analogue sensor and eight medium-power outputs driven by a dedicated driver chip. Adds powerful microcontrolled intelligence to design or electronic projects.

  • Developed by the authors of Livewire, PCB Wizard and Circuit Wizard
  • Free, user-friendly GENIE flowchart programming software
  • On-screen monitoring and calibration of digital and analogue signals
  • Supports advanced I/O such as events, interrupts and infrared
  • Board dimensions: 67 x 54mm (approx.)
  • Also available is the PCB board associated with this kit (13-6034), enabling the design of custom projects
  • Download cables are also available, see 13-0847 or 13-6023

Supplied with Genie version 2 microcontroller.

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