Genie PCB218 18 Project Kit

Genie PCB218 18 Project Kit

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Another from the GENIE ELITE range and featuring the GENIE E18 microcontroller this project board is ideal as a basic board for adding intelligence to design or electronic projects. The analogue or digital inputs and the medium power outputs, together with the driver chip which drives even higher power outputs, make this a powerful design tool.

  • Developed by the authors of Livewire, PCB Wizard and Circuit Wizard
  • Free, user-friendly GENIE flowchart programming software
  • On-screen monitoring and calibration of digital and analogue signals
  • Supports advanced I/O such as events, interrupts and infrared
  • Also available are the PCB boards associated with these kits, enabling the design of custom projects
  • Download cables are not supplied but are also available, see 13-0847 or 13-6023

Note: These kits are supplied with Version 2 GENIE microcontrollers. To program them, Circuit Wizard 3 or the free GENIE Programming Editor software is required.

Note: The GENIE Design Studio software is free to download directly from

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