Genie 08 Project Kit

Genie 08 Project Kit

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The GENIE 08 Project kit is a handy way of adding intelligence to other projects or to learn about the different types of inputs and outputs the GENIE08 can handle. It has 1 x green LED connected to the G0 line plus 1 x low-power output (25mA), 1 x medium power output (100mA), 1 x digital input and 1 x analogue or digital input. Use the GENIE Flowchart programming system to create programmes which you can download to your Project Kit and test.Supplied as a kit of parts for you to solder together using the instructions in the PDF on this page. Once assembled, connect it to a PC running the GENIE software and start coding.

  • Free, user-friendly GENIE Flowchart programming software
  • Learn soldering, coding and debugging

Note: These kits are supplied with Version 2 GENIE microcontrollers. To program them, Circuit Wizard 3 or the free GENIE Programming Editor software is required.

Note: The GENIE Design Studio software is free to download directly from

A programming download cable is also required, choose from a serial cable (13-0847) or a USB cable (13-6023).

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