Genie Microcontroller E28 IC

Genie Microcontroller E28 IC

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Buy GENIE Microcontroller C08 IC - a low-cost microcontroller programming system designed exclusively for schools and colleges. The free, user-friendly flowchart software allows you to add intelligence and control to your new and existing design projects. No separate programmer is required and downloading is via a USB or serial cable.

The heart of the microcontroller system is the microcontoller E28 IC, which has 28 pins. It is possible to run multiple programs at the same time on a single chip and also to run and test programs live on a connected GENIE chip.

The chips are designed to work with the GENIE flowchart programming software for Microsoft Windows? and there are free online resources and community website at

  • Developed by the authors of Livewire, PCB Wizard and Circuit Wizard
  • Free, user-friendly GENIE flowchart programming software
  • More memory means more commands and better programs
  • On-screen monitoring and calibration of digital and analogue signals
  • Polyphonic (multi-channel) music support
  • Plug & play operation automatically detects a GENIE IC when it is connected
  • Supports advanced I/O such as events, interrupts and infrared
  • Also available is a plug & play USB download cable, which eliminates COM port problems

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