About Us

Cooney Electronics is one of Ireland's leading distributors of electronic components, cables and connectors, electrical products, tools and educational resources. We are official sole distributors for  Electronics for over 35 years.

Cooney Electronics is committed to offering customers an unrivalled choice of products, competitively priced and suitable for modern application requirements.We supply a huge selection of LEDs and optoelectronics, passive components, !Cs and semiconductors, as well as an extensive range of automotive components and tools, electrical and power products, test, soldering and production equipment. 

We sell to the general public as well as the trade and stock a range of leading brands of audio-video equipment, PC peripherals, hand tools and power tools.We have developed an extensive range of single board computers and prototyping platforms such as Arduino, Genie and Raspberry Pi with applications across electronics and education.

Cooney Electronics is also a specialist distributor of educational products. We supply primary schools, secondary schools, universities and colleges with curriculum-based equipment, instruments and learning aids. We personally assemble technology based component kits such as Discrete Kit 1st Year Integrated Circuit Component Kit, 2nd - 3rd Year Integrated Component Kit and Mechatronics Kit. Subject areas include design and technology, science, maths, art and crafts, physics, computer science and literacy. We are committed to supporting educational initiatives and competitions which promote skills in science and engineering.